Amish Mother and Her Son Were Killed in a UPS Truck-Buggy Crash in Central PA

A UPS truck accident involving a horse and Amish buggy occurred recently in central Pennsylvania, fatally injuring a woman and an 8-year-old boy and also injuring four other people.

The Patriot News and Associated Press reported that the crash occurred in Clinton County, on West Winter Road near Loganton, at around 6:45 p.m. on Friday, July 10.

Authorities reported that the UPS truck was headed eastbound when it drifted toward the shoulder and into the path of a horse-drawn buggy. The truck hit the left horse shaft (the rail alongside the horse), and the horse shaft pierced the buggy, causing it to overturn.

The UPS truck continued traveling about 100 feet after hitting the buggy, according to the police, until it hit a walnut tree.

Reports stated that the UPS truck drifted off the road “for unknown reasons,” leaving many in the community to theorize that driver fatigue was the cause of the crash, as is the case with an estimated 30% of all commercial vehicle crashes.

No charges have been filed against the 55-year-old driver, Sherry Croak of Lock Haven, who sustained minor injuries, and there are currently no reports regarding whether she was using her cellphone or under the influence of any substances.

Rachel Beiler, 36, of Loganton, was pronounced dead at the scene, as was her 8-year-old son. Aaron Beiler, 37, was taken to Geisinger Medical Center and was in critical condition, according to local police. Three additional passengers in the buggy, a 13-year-old boy and two girls, 11 and 14, were also being treated for major injuries.

The horse was killed in the crash as well, and the Amish community responded quickly to remove the body and the buggy from the scene.

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