Bison Hate Selfies: Attacks in Yellowstone are on the Rise

In the last year, according to an estimate from Yahoo!, people took more than 880 billion photos — and it’s a pretty sure bet that a lot of these photos were selfies.

After all, what’s better than taking a good ‘ol vacation selfie, particularly when you’re somewhere as beautiful as Yellowstone Park?

The national landmark spans three states, from Wyoming to Montana to Idaho, and boasts over 3,000 square feet of natural wonders such as geysers, mountains, and valleys.

For a snap-happy tourist, the place is practically teeming with Instagram-worthy shots.

But if you see a bison, you might want to think twice about getting too up-close and personal for a photo op.

One Mississippi woman learned this the hard way. After spotting a pack of bison in the park, the 43-year-old woman snapped a selfie of her and her daughter with the bison in the background.

When most people don’t like a photo of themselves, they just ask you to delete the photo.

Unfortunately, the bison responded by attacking the woman, overtaking her and flinging her into the air.

According to the Washington Post, the woman was hospitalized and is currently being treated for minor injuries.

The Washington Post reports that this recent incident brings the tally up to the fifth bison attack in Yellowstone Park this year.

Earlier in June, an Australian man turned his back on a bison to take a photo of himself and the massive beast, and the animal charged. Although he was flung into the air, the man managed to come out of the ordeal relatively unscathed.

Another incident occurred in May, when a Taiwanese exchange student turned her back to take a group photo with nearby bison as the backdrop. The bison, which was six feet away from her, ultimately attacked, piercing the poor girl in the buttocks.

While the bison attacks are clearly an issue, the solution is simple. Tourists need to keep their distance from the massive creatures. Park rangers at Yellowstone recommend remaining at least 25 yards away from bison at all times.

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