Breast Implants as Grad Gifts Popular with Texas Teens

It’s that time of year again. Summer begins to roll in and high school students in America cross the stage, throw their caps in the air, and — at least in Texas — some ask for cosmetic surgery as a graduation gift. Yes, it’s becoming a trend that many Texas high school graduates ask for breast implants.

Because there are a few months between graduating high school and beginning college for recovery time, it is an appealing time for young women to decide that they want breast implants, as NBCDFW reports. Furthermore, at least in Texas, the emphasis on physical appearance is another factor that contributes to this surprising trend, but that doesn’t mean that they’re psychologically prepared for breast implant surgery.

It seems surprising for women this young to decide to get breast implants, but it’s certainly a popular choice among American women. Since the year 2000, the number of women who choose to get breast augmentation surgery has jumped almost 50%, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, with about one million women opting for that type of surgery in the last three years.

The type of breast implant that a woman gets — either saline or silicone — largely depends on her body type, skin, and the anatomy of her breasts. Only 28% of women choose to get saline filled implants, while the number of those choosing silicone has risen considerably since 2006.

Recent high school graduates aren’t the only ones looking to celebrate a milestone and prepare for another with breast implants. One woman, as The Huffington Post reports, decided to get a rhinoplasty and breast implants in preparation for her 21st birthday to correct her nose and uneven breasts.

Women who are later in life than these young women are also contributing to the popularity of breast enhancement surgery. “Mommy Makeovers” are on the rise, which often involve breast implant or breast lift surgery, according to Digital Journal. A woman might find her body looking a little different after having children, and breast augmentation surgery is one way to correct what she doesn’t like. Aside from this obvious benefit of getting breast enhancement surgery, women reported being almost 35% more satisfied with their sex lives, which is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Today’s selfie culture forces us to look at ourselves more often and evaluate what we see. Women are choosing breast enhancement surgery at a higher rate (and a younger age) than before, and the majority of them are pleased with their decision; 75% of them say that it was “worth it.”

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