Does Implicit Bias Training for Police Actually Work? – College Graduation Rates

The main question is, does this kind of training actually impact law enforcement? The below video was produced by Tampa Bay. It examines whether bias training in police can improve law enforcement.

Bias could be defined as the idea of a community that has been preconceived. This video highlights recent research showing that targets with black skin tend to be less likely than white targets to be shot at at close range by police officers. The results are troubling and are an indication that additional training is required for improving the quality of police work.

The purpose of the training isn’t to eliminate prejudice. It is one of the most commonly held beliefs. This training is used in order to inform officers of the fact that they are not always biased, and to assist them in recognizing their bias with the hope that after bias has been recognized the officers will be conscious of their bias and be able to act accordingly.

Unfortunately, no evidence is yet available to prove this program’s efficacy. But the issue is that it hasn’t been done sufficient research conducted to know whether or the program is ineffective. This is a hot topic that deserves more attention as well as funding. Check it out now.


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