Hooters of America Sues N.J Business Owner Over Unhealthy Restaurant Conditions

On average, it’s recommended that restaurant exhaust systems be cleaned at least once every three months. Some restaurants, unfortunately, do even less than that. So much less than that, in fact, that lawsuits need to be filed.

According to NJ.com, the owner of a New Jersey Hooters is currently being sued by the company after the location was shut down amid a slew of heath code violations.

“Allowing the Paramus restaurant to reach such an unacceptable condition is evidence of Hoot Owl’s gross negligence and willful breach of the franchise agreement,” read the lawsuit. “This third closure of one of Hoot Owl’s franchised restaurants will cause even more damage to the goodwill of the Hooters brand.”

Hoot Owl Restaurants entered into a franchise agreement with with Hooters back in 1996, which now includes 12 Hooters restaurants across the country.

The restaurant was forced to close due to serious health code violations. There were flies scattered throughout the basement, plumbing issues that caused so much backup and resulted in pools of water forming, and there was mold all over the building’s structure.

There were approximately 20 violations in total, including eight that were marked as critical. Having more than three critical violation reports automatically equates to a failing score.

Providence Journal reports that this isn’t even the same time Hoot Owl had to completely shut down a restaurant due to deplorable conditions.

“The Warwick restaurant was in such deplorable condition in July 2014 that Hoot Owl ‘voluntarily’ closed the restaurant in order to perform necessary repairs and maintenance following a health department inspection,” read another lawsuit involving two other Hooters locations, all owned by Hoot Owl, that were being sued in June.

Hooters of America is asking a federal judge to determine which state laws govern its rights to terminate its franchise agreement with Hoot Owl. A receptionist at the Hoot Owl office stated that the company has no comment on the lawsuits.

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