How Gigster is Changing the World of Software Development

Website under constructionHave you ever had a brilliant idea for an app? Now, it’s as easy as sending your blueprints over to Gigster and receiving the completed app. No coding is necessary, nor is seeking out a team of software developers.

This is big news for the software development industry. So big, that Andreessen Horowitz, the $4 billion venture capital firm, is investing $10 million Series A for the company, despite its relatively recent launch.

Andreessen Horowitz was astounded by the 18-week-old company’s AI engine, which converts clients’ application proposals into a plan that includes the price of development based on the product proposal. From there, the artificial intelligence engine sends the plan to Gigster’s team of remote engineers and software developers, providing them with pre-made code blocks that will help them build the applications.

In the perspective of Andreessen Horowitz, Gigster’s capabilities are a prime example of the current state of software development, how “software is eating the world,” and fitting Marc Andreessen’s partner Chris Dixon’s thoughts regarding “software eating software development.”

So far, Gigster has over 50 projects in the works, including a dating app for Muslim millennials and an app that helps individuals in the developing world buy electricity.

“The turn-key service model — no one is doing it exactly like we are. Gigster democratizes software development,” said co-founder and CEO Roger Dickey in an interview with Tech Crunch.

Gigster was founded in 2014 by Dickey and co-founder and CTO Debo Olaosebikan. After leaving Zynga and trying to prototype his own apps, he realized how difficult it was to recruit software developing freelancers.

Software developers are coding professionals who create web functionality tools, operating systems, video games, and more.

As a developer himself, Dickey sought to create a solution that would help to take the difficulties out of app innovation. From there, Gigster was born.

After the first 18 weeks of running, Gigster already has $1 million in sales booked, and now seeks to expand its business from smaller clients to larger enterprises.

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