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Summer is the time to be cool. When your home’s insulation is in top condition and in good condition, your HVAC system doesn’t need the same effort to maintain your desired temperature. Find out if the insulation of your house requires a repair.
7. Install the thermostat that is programmed. Thermostat

The thermostat can be programmed to set different temperatures during different hours of the day. This translates into energy savings. You can, for instance, set the thermostat to reduce or rise the temperature in the evening and decrease it when you’re at home. The longer the service life of your HVAC system and lower your energy bills.

8. Make sure you have a tune-up every year.

Getting an annual tune-up is one of the best tips in maintaining your the HVAC system. It’ll maintain your HVAC equipment running effectively and without a hitch. The technician will perform a thorough inspection of your unit to look for any difficulties and make repairs or replaces as needed. They’ll ensure your system is functioning at its best and can help avoid expensive repairs in the future. A yearly tune-up is far more extensive than routine maintenance. This includes:

Cleaning and inspection on the HVAC equipment. Lubricating and moving all components. Running safety and ignition test. Removing furnace filters.

At the time of the annual tune-up your technician will examine the heating oil of your unit and inform you if it’s an appropriate time to plan heater oil deliveries. You can ask them about the top homeowners heating oil providers.

9. Discover More About Your HVAC System

The process of learning more about your HVAC system is another important tip to properly maintain your HVAC system. It is easier to maintain your HVAC system at the highest level when you are knowledgeable about the system.


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