Humana Offers Free Entrance to Any National Park for Active Seniors on Oct. 8 as Part of ‘Senior Skip Day’

View of half dome reflected in the Merced river at YosemiteYou may have some regrettable memories from your high school Senior Skip Day, but on Oct. 8, senior citizens will be skipping their way to better health in national parks across the country, and there’s nothing regrettable about that.

According to Time, health insurance company Humana has extended an open invitation to seniors ages 62 and up to enter any national park of their choice on Oct. 8, free of charge, in an effort to promote a more active lifestyle among those in their golden years.

Humana decided to sponsor “Senior (Citizen) Skip Day” to celebrate the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary, though it’s also part of a larger campaign to encourage more people to enjoy the many benefits of their local national park.

National Park Foundation President and CEO Will Shafroth said in a statement that the campaign is “creating opportunities for people to see how parks and healthy living go hand in hand, underscoring how parks are relevant to their lives.”

The program is particularly beneficial for seniors, who often don’t get as much exercise as health professionals recommend.

According to the National Institute on Aging, just over half of adults ages 65 and older are inactive. They know exercise is important, but have a hard time staying on track with a regular workout schedule.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that you should get at least two hours and thirty minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity per week if you’re 65 or older. They also recommend muscle training twice per week.

In addition to Senior Skip Day, Humana is also offering senior citizens a free app called Charity Miles. The health insurance company will track distance walked by senior citizens using the app and donate 25 cents to the National Park Foundation for every mile completed.

A lifetime pass to all national parks is only $10, but using the Charity Miles app and taking advantage of Senior (Citizen) Skip Day is helping more people to get involved with their local park.

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