Is a Horse Lease a Good Option? – Family Magazine

Are you considering buying horses? There’s a lot to consider. It is important to decide which horse to buy, how to care for it and what to feed it. Most important is cost. In this short video we will look at one of your choices.

The video suggests the only way to purchase a horse is using money. It’s a wise choice to avoid any hassles associated either with a lease or debt. Further, you should only purchase a horse when you are debt-free and have sufficient funds to handle your horse. It is nearly impossible to lease a horse.

A lease should only be considered if you’re not certain if caring for horses is the best thing to do. A lease is a temporary solution. If you aren’t interested in let the horse on lease, you’ll need to find a way to eliminate him. If you plan on keeping the horse longer than one year, you should probably take the money to purchase the horse rather than cash.


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