JAG Attorney Life vs Civilian Attorney Life – eclwa.org


The distinction between JAG and civilian lawyers can help you choose the right career choice.

Their area of focus the lawyers of civilians differ from lawyers in the military. You will be limited in your capacity to run your company if you practice as a civil attorney. Working as JAG attorney JAG attorney can allow you to practice law in broader scope. Therefore, the military is not the best spot to specialize in a specific legal field.

If you’re hoping for a way to earn a salary based on the hours you work It could be worthwhile to take a look at civil law. You will not be paid any extra money if working beyond your hours of service as an attorney with the status of a JAG lawyer. Civilian attorney life will also let you determine the location of your practice. JAG attorneys are not able to choose their location of practice since they are bound by military rules. If the military takes you to war zones, then there is a chance that you’ll be fighting.

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