Japanese Dental Clinic Ready to Fulfill Your Dreams of Having a Butler for a Dentist

Japan is known for its large array of products and services that people in other countries would widely consider strange, including eggs in vending machines and “Visual Kei” fashion. This month, a Japanese dental clinic will be offering yet another strange option for interested customers: a dentist dressed as a butler.

Dr. Taro Masuoka D.D.S. came up with the idea of this very unique dental offering after consulting with friends in the maid and butler cafe industry — another service unique to Japan, where customers can have coffee, tea and sweets served to them by elaborately dressed waiters and waitresses. Patients who visit PureCure dental beauty salon have the option of receiving the service, which translates to “Butler’s dental cleaning while you rest your head on his lap,” for an additional 9,800 yen ($96 USD).

“My main purpose is to entertain female otaku patients and people who dream about one day becoming ‘Ojousama’ with a butler who serves her,” says Dr. Masuoka, though the service is also open to male patients as well. Currently, the clinic is still practicing and preparing to offer the service — Dr. Masuoka admits that getting used to having a patient’s head in his lap felt embarrassing at first, but ultimately was a more comfortable solution.

He says that the overall combination is intended to help improve the experience of going to the dentist, saying that, “The medical care and assistance field is a serious one, but I wanted to offer something that lifts the spirit of both the patients and the workers while making it fun.” Tooth problems like cavities, sensitive teeth, and crooked teeth can be uncomfortable and even painful, and Dr. Masuoka’s fun clinic offerings can help prevent patients from worrying.

It’s not the first time the Roppongi-based clinic has been in the spotlight — according to Crunchyroll, the office was also the first to popularize Yaeba services. “Yaeba” is a double tooth look that is considered cute in Japan, and which can be mimicked through the use of veneers.

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