New York City To Impose Used-Car Repair Regulations To Ensure Vehicle Safety

New York City is in the process of cracking down on car dealers selling used cars with known safety defects without having them repaired prior to selling. This new regulation seeks to address what many consumer advocates say is a loop hole in the auto industry’s safety regulations: used car dealers and rental companies are not required by law to repair vehicles with safety defects before selling them to the public.In May, The New York Times reported in May that new legislation to address this issue has been stalled for many years in Congress by dealers who claim the law would cost customers and companies unnecessary time and money.

New York’s requirement is a much stricter interpretation of a state law requiring all vehicles to be operating safely before being sold. However, city officials would like to make it clear to dealers that being safe also includes repairing vehicles under recall.

“In NC, vehicles need to pass a state safety inspection prior to being sold,” says Bill Kratz, Owner at Carolina Auto Service. “I agree with the philosophy of ensuring that used cars are repaired properly. It’s important to get a pre-buy inspection by a qualified repair shop.”Recently, city officials sent out 200 subpoenas to dealerships asking how many used vehicles they had sold during the past year that had been recalled but not repaired, and whether consumers were notified of the recalled defects prior to purchasing. Some dealerships were selected at random, whereas others were targeted due to their history of selling faulty vehicles according to the Consumer Affairs Department. Dealers found to have sold un-repaired used vehicles will be required to immediately notify the vehicles’ owner and make any necessary repairs.

Consumers are encouraged to do research and stay current regarding safety recalls on used cars they are interested in purchasing. When in doubt, consumers are encouraged to contact the manufacturer or their auto repair shop.

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