Oakland Pipe Repair Company Offers Discount to Veterans

Starting on Memorial Day, Evenflow Plumbing in Oakland, California, began offering military veterans a 10% discount on conventional and trenchless sewer pipe repair work.

Virtual Strategy Magazine reports that the 10% discount is good through June 30th. The reason for the discount is personal for Gary Dimodana, the owner of Evenflow Plumbing, who is a veteran himself.

“I served six years in the Navy where I learned my trade as a plumber and I come from a family of World War II heroes,” Dimodana said. He went on to explain how both his grandfathers served in the war in the Pacific Theater.

“My grandfather, Robert Bruce Wallace, was a captain in the Army Air Core. He flew A-20 and B-17s in the Pacific. He had 46 successful bombing missions,” he said. “My other grandfather served in the Marine Corps and was one of Carlson’s Marine Raiders in the Philippine Islands. [They] both served with distinction from 1942 to 1945.”

Dimodana’s company serves the entire East Bay of California and is known in pioneering the trenchless pipe repair method, which uses pre-existing pipes to guide the new pipes in rather than removing them entirely. The company provides a free consultation for residential customers as well as for people trying to earn a Private Sewer Lateral (PSL) Certificate, which is mandated by Oakland.

The PSL Ordinance, regulated by the East Bay MUD, requires all residential properties sold within the Oakland district to have their sewer laterals and pipes tested in order to gain the PSL Certificate. The ordinance is part of an effort to reduce the amount of clean water that enters the sewers, water which comes from cracked or broken sewer lines on private residential property.

Evenflow Plumbing also offers a free camera drain inspection service to help homeowners determine if old sewer lines need to be replaced in order to qualify for the PSL Certificate.

A relatively new method, trenchless pipe repair has been on the residential market for 10-15 years. It is popular with homeowners due to its gentle handling of properties. Conventional pipe repair methods often require digging large trenches in a property’s lawn in order to get to the pipes.

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