Repairing a Sewer Pipe Under the Slab – NC Pool Supply

scomfort within the home environment. Sewer line repair experts place a camera inside the sewer in order to pinpoint the exact cracked or clogged spots with no digging up the slab. Once they have identified them they will clear of any obstructions that may be in the pipe. Once they have cleaned it, they put a polyester resin into the old one to form the new one, without impacting anything.

The resin is then mixed, and put into a liner. The liner is then stretched inwards using to the air with pressure. The liner is deflated and later inserted into the drain. The resin is then inserted into an inflatable bladder that is full of water. This will make the tube of resin. To speed up curing time, they inject hot pressure water.

In order to make new pipes the resin pipe hardens in only two hours. Pump out the water and then remove the bladder. The techs then check using cameras to verify that there aren’t any more faults and blockages. Your slab sewer pipe is nearly new and can serve you for a long time after repair. Since no excavation is needed to repair your house’s structural integrity, the integrity of your home is not affected.

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