Should You Buy or Lease a Semi-Trailer? – Andre Blog

you wanting to start your own tractor-trailer business? Are you figuring out whether you should purchase a second-hand trailer to sell or rent one? The option of renting or purchasing a trailer both have their advantages and disadvantages, however let’s dive deeper into this matter. An expert will explain whether it is better to rent or buy a trailer or heavy-duty truck.

The owner is the trailer after you buy it. This means that you’ll be accountable for the maintenance. If you hire a trailer, if anything goes wrong with it or the trailer, you may call the organization you’re renting it from, bring the trailer back, and they’ll either give you the brand new truck or repair it for you. This can take out some potential anxiety. There is no savings in truck repair costs if you are the one who owns your truck. Owning your business is expensive.

This video will provide all the information you need to be aware of when renting or purchasing a truck or trailer for heavy duty work.


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