The 3 Keys to Better Web Design – Cool Artwork

design online websites are an integral part of your strategy for outreach. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated the immense impact that a well-designed website can make on your reputation, sales and interest. For ensuring that your website will be of the highest quality it’s essential to comprehend the three main factors of a well-designed web design. This is colour, hierarchy, and navigation. The below video offers detailed look into these related subjects.

Web design is entirely built around navigation. That is, how your site guides visitors between pages. The navigation bar can either be found at the top right of your screen , or in a dropdown menu from the collapsible corner buttons. To avoid crowding, try keeping your tabs as small as possible as well as provide multiple hyperlinks to the pages on your website. Sitemaps can be a great way to quickly outline the complete site. The hierarchy should put the most relevant information higher up on the pages. The color should draw the eye to the pages. Your website will be modern and simple to navigate If you can balance the three components.


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