The History of Kawasaki Motorcycles – Customer Support Portal

the way they go. Many motorcycles, including dirt bikes and sports bikes can be found today. Kawasaki is the one that sticks out. This video highlights the story of Kawasaki motorcycles.
Kawasaki bikes are well-known for their strength and dependability. Kawasaki Heavy Industries was founded by Shozo Kawasaki more than 100 years back. It was established as a shipbuilding company and in manufacturing plant construction industry. They later developed an interest in motorbikes. Kawasaki began producing small-sized engines after 1949 as they entered the motorcycle industry. They came up with two-stroke and four-stroke engine in collaboration with BMW in 1952. This marked the beginning of the KE engine. Through the subsidiary Meihatsu they built their first motorbike in 1953. Since then, they have been constantly innovating, expanding, dominate, and produce one of the most popular motorcycles ever made.
As one of the major players in the motor vehicle industry, Kawasaki has become a leading manufacturer of various motorcycle models. Since the beginning of time Kawasaki has held its standing as a top producer of reliable, high-quality motorcycles. In the present, Kawasaki is also known as a racer.

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