The Right Way to Pave a Parking Lot – Car Talk Radio

to save time and money. This video provides a quick explanation of how you can use parking lot pavers.

Paving on top of existing broken asphalt, or even a soft surface is never the best decision. Asphalt will definitely be unable to last, and it will fail quite swiftly! In some cases only weeks after its installation. The overlays of asphalt can reflect cracks in as little as one inch every year. If contractors fail to make the proper preparation, in two years, all the cracks that the overlay was covering will pop to the surface. It is also known locally as “reflective crackeding”.

To make a solid base for a new asphalt installation in the areas of compromise, it is important to take any old asphalt below the sub grade. Once the asphalt is removed the subgrade is examined for areas of compromise.

Your new asphalt subbase is among the most crucial components. Parking lots can turn unstable if the subbase is unstable. This is not difficult. The base materials provide the base or foundation for your brand new parking zone. They must be put in place properly from the beginning. pq8gib7vms.

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