This is Why Your Plumbing is Turning Green – Great Conversation Starters

It’s not a good indicator. However, it’s somewhat expected. Copper is more vulnerable to corrosion than most metals. As you may have guessed this, green coloring is what copper will appear to be as it corrodes. This is a typical issue with older pipes. This is another indication that it is necessary to change the piping. In this video, be able to learn more.

The cause of copper corrosion is usually attributable to your water’s chemical. In the presence of a lot of minerals, your water can lead to corroding of the piping. Additionally, the water coming from the water heater could cause corrosion to your pipes. If the water heater’s sacrificial rod isn’t replaced regularly the rod could end up corrosion of your pipes. This results in the metal flake that gets into the piping , and settle upon copper. That’s why you might find splotches of corrosion. In order to prevent the corrosion from happening, plumbers recommend that the anode be replaced every 3 to 5 years. The prevention of a problem can be less expensive than fixing it. The benefits will come when you get to the end of it.


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