Types of Tarps – Great Conversation Starters

They cover everything from cars and boats to camping and outdoor picnics. This video explains some of the purposes of tarps as well as the various types of tarps offered.

The first form of tarp is a vinyl coated open mesh Tarp. It can be used on fencing, covering bushes/shrubs/grass/etc., and even shading. It’s made from high-strength Polyester yarn covered with PVC coating for long-lasting durability.

It also has a weather-resistant open mesh tarp. The open mesh, vinyl coated one has many of same benefits. But, it is more weight, double the yard count and has twice as much power. This drastically increases its strength and allows it to be used to cover trucks.

The 10-oz canvas chart is another option. It is an excellent choice to shield yourself against the elements as well as to stop mildew from growing. It can also be bought with a flame-repellant. It’s great for covering vehicles and other equipment at your garage like a motorcycle or lawnmower.

The last option is a strong silver poly tarp. It’s great for heavy-duty needs due to its strength and weight. Click the above link for further information about tarps as well as the numerous applications they can serve.


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