What do I do When my Car Breaks Down on the Road? – Car Talk Credits


The car will continue to move until it stops at the curb. If it’s your first time having a breakdown, you’ll likely panic and contact you parents initially. The anxiety can build up in the event that you break down on the roadway, particularly in a busy region. Do not worry! You are not alone. There are many car-owners in the exact same vicinity. The video below will demonstrate the actions to be followed if you have a car that fails to start.

First of all, you should come to completely stop on the other road’s side. Make sure to pull off into one of the streets in the area if can, and put on your safety lighting to let others know that something is wrong and you’ve been being stopped. The next step is to decide where exactly you’re located. If you intend to contact a 24-hour towing company, it is important to know where your location is. Find street signs and landmarks of note. If you’re traveling near a highway, check the nearest mile marker. You can use it to determine the location. After that, contact a towing company.


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