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ou are curious about what well drilling is and how it’s carried out, keep reading to learn more!

Let’s start with explaining what’s beneath the ground we’ll have to deal with. To the depths in the middle is the foundation, and that’s the one we want to eventually get to. To get there, we have to get through the overburden. Overburden is a layer of material which is buried between or underneath the rocks. It could include clay, sand gravel rock, and sometimes even boulders. There are some areas that may not have overburden, while other areas may have hundreds of feet of overburden.

Drillers who are well-trained will continue to drill deep into overburden until they get to the bedrock. Bedrock can be different materials including shale. Once they’ve got to the rock, they’ll drill it until they get to the water.

The majority of the well-known drillers love their work. It is not known what lies beneath the surface. Much like the bottom of the ocean. There are all sorts of foreign living organisms.

To learn more about well drilling, see the video below!


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