What Type of Countertop Is Right for You? – DIY Home Decor Ideas

Kitchen countertops with Ials. So without further ado, let’s get started.

This is an excellent natural stone with fewer hue variations than granite. Also, it is the characteristics of being porous and soft. That’s why it’s less stain resistant as granite.


Granite countertops tend to be more well-known once you have found high-end, affordable kitchens. Granite countertops are typically made by local fabricators, and are readily available in all kitchens and stores that offers home products.

Slate and Soapstone

They are usually heavier and greener as granite, and also comes in less colors. However, it is possible to locate more light-colored green-gray-green slabs. The soapstone is also porous and must be sealed with mineral oil in order to prevent staining. the slate is non-porous and care-free. It also features that delicate matte look, however, you could get that “wet” look just by rub the slate with lemon oil.


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