3 Florida Metros Among the Fastest Growing in the United States

Florida’s population, thanks to nice weather, recreational opportunities, and job growth, has continued to increase across the state.

Every single day, 1,000 people move to one of Florida’s popular cities. According to U.S. News, three metro areas across The Sunshine State were among the nation’s 10 biggest population gainers during 2016.

Tampa, Florida had the country’s fourth-highest gain last year with 58,000 new residents moving there; South Florida had the seventh highest with a population increase of 48,000; and Orlando added nearly 47,000 new residents during 2016, coming in at the seventh-highest metro increase in the United States.

“I could have moved anywhere, and I have family in Colorado, New York, and California. But the only place I feel comfortable is in Florida,” said Ismael Perdomo, who moved from Colombia to Orlando in 2015. “I found the right job in Orlando.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Perdomo, who cited the nice weather and a large Spanish-speaking population as two of the main reasons he relocated, lives in the booming North Orange Avenue area of downtown Orlando. Over the last few years, thousands of apartment units have been built in high-rise buildings along the North Orange Avenue strip.

Although the culture and nice weather play a major contributing factor in the population growth of the area, so does entertainment.

Desiree Siegel was very clear about why she chose to relocate to Orlando five years ago.

“I’m a huge fan of Disney, and the amusement parks here mean there’s always something to do,” Siegel added. “Living downtown gives me lots of options, too.”

Along with Austin, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Raleigh, North Carolina, Orlando was one of four metro areas in the U.S. that rank in the top 25 for both sheer numbers gained and population growth.

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