Advertisers Continue to Try and Corner the Millennial Market

For the next few years, Millennials will continue to be the most popular demographic for advertisers to target.

According to the 2016 State of Social Business study, average social advertising budgets increased by 73% last year, and advertisers plan on spending even more in 2017 to better engage Millennial consumers. And perhaps the most important aspect of advertising to this demographic is creativity.

“If an ad is unique or funny enough, I’ll click just to see how the rest of the experience might be,” Ed Terpening and Aubrey Littleton wrote in their report. “If the ad is good, hopefully the rest of the brand is, too.”

Gone are the days when boring print advertisements could attract attention. For instance, nearly half of all 18 to 34 year old consumers (47%) surveyed found that eccentric advertisements like car wraps were especially memorable.

In addition to the importance of creativity within an advertisement, in order to reach the Millennial market, an emphasis is being placed on getting personal. Because of how much time Millennials spend on social media networking sites, advertisers are able to gather detailed personal information on people and create custom, individualized ads geared specifically for them.

“I notice when a brand is talking specifically to me and I pay attention,” Ed and Aubrey added.

Case in point: the Chicago Business Journal reports that Groupon is now leading the charge for reaching this Millennial market.

The newest Groupon ads focus on saving a few bucks a week in order to try fun, new, and exciting things.

“As we continue to build on our successful 2016 ad campaign, which was about showcasing the experiences available on Groupon that make life great, we’re expanding our target audience and focusing on high-frequency categories with the message that customers can use Groupon every day to save money,” said Jon Wild, Groupon vice president of marketing for North America.

In addition to showcasing these commercial spots, Groupon is not just advertising on traditional cable channels, but reaching out through YouTube, Hulu, Crackle, and even working alongside The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, who is known for his active online presence.

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