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Costless concrete can be made through the use of Ltools. The concrete firm used digital tools to increase the production process and improve precision. But in the year 2019 the business re-examined their tools and decided that they needed to audit their tools. The company upgraded their equipment that allowed them to improve production, increase precision and reduce loss.

The business model change which includes the addition of digital tools could be a good fit for your business even if you aren’t in the home improvement sector. All businesses should think about such a transformation.

Digital Tools and Automation

There are many instances of tools and digital applications that can help companies streamline their business processes. The owners of business, as you, can automate everything from ordering items to registering at the doctor’soffice, which will help them deliver more efficient customer service while cutting down on costs.

Automation tools may help cut down on the labor hours currently employed by employees as well as reduce the need for additional staffing. Automated tools can be useful to all types of businesses. These are just three examples of transformations in business model.

Dr. P (not the real name of the doctor) was struggling with no-shows and cancellations. Patients did not call for cancellations at their office due to the fact that they did not remember that an appointment was due. To find out the reasons why so many patients were cancelling appointments, Dr. P sought advice from a digital consulting firm. The firm found that 67% of no-shows are because patients forgot they had scheduled an appointment. Dr. P developed an automated appointment-scheduling tool for patients. The tool helped him reduce his cancellations and no-shows by a significant amount.

Another illustration of the success of automation can be seen when a gym located in Nevada used a gym administration software system which allowed customers to register to take classes, pay the membership, and


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