Moving Soon? Why You Need a Home Inspection – The Interstate Moving Companies

Perhaps you’re unaware about her particular details. For instance, you may not have noticed the roof’s leaky condition that’s in need of a roofing maintenance or the mold problem that’s festering beneath the surface. Here are a few of the many reasons you should have a house inspection.

It is important to see beyond the superficial and to identify hidden issues. There is no reason to purchase a property which appears to be in good condition however, it is in fact crumbling. A home inspector will inspect your home and search for things that have been missed by you. For a complete view, it’s important to take a look at the outside appeal of your home.

Protect yourself against potential liability

If you are moving into a new rental, you may be required to pay the security deposit before the lease period in the capacity of a tenant. The purpose of the security deposit is to lower the landlord’s risk should you damage the property. Security deposit funds will pay to repair all damages beyond the normal wear and tear. Another reason to perform a house inspection is due to the following reasons: If you choose to take a step back, you must have proof that you did not cause damage to the property if you wish to get your security deposit.

A rental inspection will allow you to determine what damages occurred prior to moving into the property. It will allow you to take care of your property knowing exactly what areas you’re responsible for. All tenants and landlords will share all responsibility for any damages that are caused. Make sure the tenant moves out without any problems by having an inspection performed prior to end of their lease term. You will receive an itemized report from your landlord. This can help you keep from being held accountable in the event of damages that lead to a security deposit being withdrawn. Your security deposit won’t get misplaced.


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