A Glamorous His and Hers Closet Design – GLAMOUR HOME

It must be torn. It is best to have a small-sized closet for those with just a few items of importance. If you own several items think about getting a larger one.

Once you’ve decided on the dimensions of your closet, now is the time to divide your clothes in categories such as shirts, clothes, pants and more. Each category should have an individual shelf or drawer so it’s easy to locate the items you want to access. Some prefer to organize their clothing by color however this shouldn’t be necessary to do if you have enough space within the closet.

Another way to organize your closet is to group items that are similar so you are able to discover them while browsing through the closet at night. This could save both time and energy as you get dressed for work!

Also, you should coordinate the colors of your closet with the color scheme of your house. This will create a clean appearance in your home.


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