Chiropractor Battles in Brutal Destruction Derby

Creating demand is one of the best business strategies out there. About 22 million Americans visit their local chiropractors for treatment each year, 35% of whom seek out treatment for back pain caused by accidents, muscle strains, sports injuries or other situations; but even so, it can be tough for Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) to generate demand. After all, any attempt to do so would likely result in assault and battery charges.

Unless you’re as clever as Matthew Stammerjohan.

This past May, the Californian chiropractor participated in the Calaveras County Fair Destruction Derby after winning the chance to do so through a Friends of the Calaveras County Fair drawing.

“It was brutal,” said Stammerjohan. “They [the other drivers] took me out in the first heat.”

Fortunately, Stammerjohan’s pit crew got him back in the game, where he continued to spread destruction and mayhem. Eventually, he was one of the last two standing, putting him in the finals.

Naturally, Stammerjohan did not enter the “brutal” destruction derby to hurt people and generate new business; auto accident injuries are quite serious. Even the victims of the most minor fender bender should probably see a chiropractor. Injuries may even occur at speeds less than five miles per hour. Stammerjohan merely wanted the free publicity that came with participating.

Although it’s hard to believe that such minor accidents can be injurious, research on low speed rear impact tests show that 29% of people developed the symptoms of whiplash at speeds of just 2.5 miles per hour. What’s more, a rear end collision of just 10 miles per hour can produce up to nine Gs of force on a victim’s neck.

Whiplash is also far more serious than people make it out to be. Though it takes a couple days to begin to affect the victim, whiplash will eventually cause pain and stiffness in the neck, a decreased range of motion, pain when shaking or nodding the head, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and/or blurred vision.

While accidents do happen, they’re not as often as most might think. As one study from 2005 concludes, “These data suggest that derby drivers sustain less chronic neck pain after multiple car collision events than might otherwise be expected.”

Ultimately, Stammerjohan held his own in the finals, but says that “I let the big boys battle it out.”

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