Houston Homeowners Find Human Remains in Attic Walls

It is no secret that insulation in a home is important for both the comfort of the homeowners and durability of the structure itself. In fact, proper attic insulation can save homeowners anywhere between 10 to 50% on their heating and cooling bills annually, along with preventing the formation of ice dams and saving money on expensive roof repairs.
However, one Houston couple made the shocking discovery that there was more than just insulation between the walls of their home.
Brand new homeowners, who have chosen to remain anonymous, were doing some routine maintenance around their home when they shifted a board in the attic, looked down into the wall, and found a jumble of human bones and red drugstore glasses.
Neighbors believe the remains are of the previous homeowner, 61-year-old Mary Cerruti, who has been missing since March of 2015. No one knows exactly what happened to the retired retail worker, as she just suddenly seemed to disappear; her mail started to pile up, her lawn went unmowed, and her bills were unpaid without any rhyme or reason. Some neighbors contacted the police, one even hired a private investigator, but there was a lack of evidence and her fate was determined to be inconclusive.
So while rumors swirled about her whereabouts, the bank who owned the mortgage on the 1,161 square foot, 1930s-era home was forced to foreclose on the property and put it up for resale.
Despite this, nothing about Cerruti’s disappearance was put in the seller’s disclosure agreement, so the new owners were completely taken off guard. They immediately called the police and abandoned the home within a couple of hours.
And while this is a sad turn of events, many of the original neighbors are hopeful that an autopsy can at least shed some light on Cerruti’s fate. As of right now, no one knows if Cerruti was a victim of foul play, or just fell into the wallboards and was unable to get out.
Nonetheless, it is not completely clear if the bones are actually those of Mary Cerruti. Autopsy results are pending.

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