How to Do a Maintenance Check on an Irrigation System – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

for yards and homes which require a reliable water supply. Yet, prices for water are on the rise and municipalities have put in place more limitations to conserve water. Inadequate irrigation could also result in standing water bodies which can harm your garden’s health.

In this video, you will learn how to keep irrigation systems effectively to make sure that they’re operating as designed.

You will require will be a notepad that keeps records of the measurements as well as the places of the sprinkler heads. Flags are needed to identify the sprinklers, as well as an measuring tape that can be used to gauge how far away those sprinkler heads can be. It is also necessary to have an alarm clock or a phone and meters and pressure gauges. container for catchment.

Examine the sprinkler system to see if there are any sprinkler heads in need of repair. It is crucial to have the repair completed before you start the inspection. When you’re sure that everything functions properly you can place the catchments on an organized grid over your lawn.

See this video for more information about maintenance and irrigation audits.


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