What Does Someone With a CNA Job Do? – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

Most people consider a NA work a viable option. What is a CNA do? Find out in the following article.

Let’s look at what the CNA job is. CNAs are nurse assistants that are certified. They work at hospital or at home.

The most significant part of the CNA task is to assist residents or patients to take care of their health issues. It could include helping them shower, brush their teeth, and then get ready for work.

Being employed in a CNA job at hospitals is slightly differently than working at a house. CNAs at hospitals collect the urine, stool, or blood samples to the lab. They will also collect drugs that aren’t narcotics at the pharmacy.

Within a residential setting, the CNA is very similar day to day. Because the majority of residents suffer from some form of dementia, sticking to a regular routine is crucial. CNAs in this situation will give the same attention to residents throughout the morning, which includes bathing in the morning.

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