If you can go 10 minutes without touching your phone, Giorgio Armani will fund a day of water for a child in need

Are you going to switch off your smart phone for 10 minutes? UNICEF has announced a new project named as “Tap Project”. This project has been designed to help the child who is in dire need of clean water.

Actually this project has been sponsored by Giorgio Armani and the company has promised to pay enough money to  UNICEF for providing clean water to a needy child.

To begin with this move, all cell phone users have to navigate their cell phones to UNICEF Tap Project and switch it off for 10 minutes.  In case, if you happen to use your cell phone during this time period, the site accessed to your accelerometer, will ask you to put it down to continue.

unicefTherefore, if you wish to help a child who is in need of clean water, put your cell phone off and spend your time on other things to help the fund.

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