Aaron Hernandez charged in 2012 double homicide

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been booked in 2012 killings of two men in Boston, authorities said. It is said that Hernandez will be arraigned next week to state his guilt. Presently, he is waiting for his trial in jail. Daniel Conley District Attorney of Suffolk County said in his press briefing that “grand jury has returned the indictments pertaining to shooting deaths of Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu.

Furthermore, he said that Mr. Furtado and Mr. de Abreu had been ambushed in Boston’s South End in small hours of July 16, 2012”. He added that “apart from two-count first degree murder charges, Hernandez had also been charged with three counts of arm assault for murdering and beating the victims”.

In addition, the district attorney said that “former football player was chasing Furtado and de Abreu on his SUV and he fired a volley of bullets at them when they pulled over their car near a night club”. He further said that he has also been charged for carrying illegal gun.

Last but not the least, Hernandez has repeatedly said in his statements that he is innocent and he had not killed anyone. But, evidences claim otherwise. Last but not the least it has been determined from the  gathered evidences that he was the killer. 


2014 NFL Draft: The top 10

Houston Texans stood first in the Draft on the second consecutive day.

Here go ten takeaways from Day 2 of the NFL Draft:

  1. Cowboys replacing DeMarcus (Ware) with Demarcus (Lawrence):
  2. Buccaneers building a basketball team:
  3. Browns pass on wide receiver, answer OL and ILB needs:
  4. New record for receivers selected in the first two rounds – 12
  5. No RBs in first 53 picks (NFL record) … and then a run
  6. Survival of the fittest in NFC West:
  7. Packers grab another second round WR:
  8. Louis Nix plummets down boards:
  9. Washington, Indianapolis and Seattle make first ’14 picks:
  10. Patriots draft potential successor to Tom Brady:

Texas police shoot woman, 93

Texas Rangers has been given the charge to investigate the murder of Golden who had been killed by the police. Pearlie Golden, the resident of Hearne – Robertson County- was shot dead with multiple rounds of fires on Tuesday. Coty Siegert District Attorney of Robertson County said that a close relative of Golden made a call to 911 for seeking help from the police. He further said that when police entered into her residence, she took a handgun and did not let it down despite repeated requests.

In addition, Bryan Russ Jr. the Hearne City Attorney said to reporters that “Officer Stephen Stem requested more than three times to Golden to drop her gun but she did not dropped it”.  Later, Stephen fired three rounds of fire at her and she died on the spot.

Apart from this, Russ said that “we are really shocked to know that she had been killed and the city government is really disappointed”. Besides, the city council has also scheduled a meeting to decide what action should be taken against Stephen.

Last but not the least Russ said that it is really heart-aching that a young police officer shot dead to 93 years old women. He further said that “I am really saddened from this shooting and I don’t think facts will come to surface”.


Ukraine crisis starts to hit European firms

The economic meltdown fueled by Ukraine crisis is going to hurt big industries of the European continent. It is said that from small enterprises to big industries, the sale of the companies have been massively hit in the entire Europe. International Monetary Fund says that the ongoing conflict with Russia and Ukraine has forced the investors to flee from the market.

It is said that the economic sanctions on Russia embarked by EU and United States has created troublesome situation for the Russian authorities.  Experts opine that the demand and supply of the beers producing companies is slowly and steadily lessening down in the Russian market. They forecast that if Russia would not change its position on Ukraine issue, the economic condition of the country will be really gruesome.

Besides, CEO of Siemens Joe Kaeser said that “we are really concerned about the situation; it will massively affect people, economy and the industries”. Sources claim that Joe Kaeser had met with the President of Russia to discuss the matter but he seems to be hopeless on economic ground.

Last but not the least, there are many other industries which have cut the sale in the Russian market. Economists say that Russian market will face serious problems if Putin would not change his position on the Ukraine issue.

Oregon State fires Michelle Obama’s brother as basketball coach

Oregon State University has fired Craig Robinson -brother in law of Obama- as a basketball coach. Though, the decision has not been publicly made yet sources confirmed to media reporters that he has been removed.

Besides, the brother of first lady Michelle Obama, Craig Robinson said on Monday that “The decision is in the interest of school and I accept it”.  On the contrary, athletic Director Bob De Carolis said that we have begun with the process of appointing a new coach. We are trying our best to appoint best coach for Weavers.

Apart from this, sources said that Bob De Carolis was not happy from the performance of Robinson and it was already expected that this is going to happen. Lastly, Bryan Fischer tweeted the move as “Strange timing by Oregon State and letting Robinson go”.



Wind-driven Okla. wildfire kills homeowner, destroys several houses

The wildfire that has set ablaze Oklahoma is creating very troublesome situation for the firefighters. It is said the fire has forced more than 1000 people to leave their home and the situation is turning out to be more gruesome. A private news agency correspondent Anna Werner claims that “there are plenty of firefighting departments that are trying their best to control the fire”.

On the other hand, officials of firefighting department said to the media reporters that “the fire has destroyed more than 20 homes and it has grossly affected the buildings and community parks”. Besides, Eric Harlow the Chief Guthrie Fire Department said in an interview to a private news agency that the fire has burnt six square miles of land and it has also affected many other places.

He further said that a person was not allowing the authorities to evacuate him however when the fire blaze passed by his home, he got burnt alive and died.  Besides, weather experts opined that “this fire has been fueled by strong winds and it is going to be very dangerous for Oklahoma”. They further said that the temperature in the region will be in 90s and the fire fighters must come up with new techniques to contain the fire.


Malaysia Airlines plane turns back after tire burst

A Malaysian Airlines plane boarded with 166 people returned back to Kuala Lumpur airport after bursting its front tire during the take off on Monday.

Officials of the Malaysian Airlines said that we found the debris of the burst tire 16 minutes after the plane had departed for the Bangalore.  They further said that we had immediately contacted the captain of Boeing 737-800 and ordered him to return back to the Kuala Lumpur airport.

A senior official said that we had deployed all rescue team at the airport but the jet landed safely. Furthermore, the airport authorities changed the scheduled of the Flight MH192 later on Monday.

It goes without saying that, last month, a flight of Malaysian Airlines -boarded with 239 passengers- disappeared during its route to Beijing. After the disappearance of that flight, the MAS is being considered as “the most dangerous and sensitive” airliner in the world.


South Korea ferry disaster: Fake survivor posts add to nation’s anguish

The South Korean authorities said that shivering messages, social media posts, and short messages were totally false. Messages like “Help me, I am alive” and “Please help me, my battery is turning down, please believe me” brought hopes for parents who lost their children in the recent ferry incident. These rumors circulated in the country like fire in the forest and created troublesome situation for the authorities engaged in the rescue operation.

A mother said to a private news agency that I was so excited when I heard through social media that most of the missing students are still alive and sending their messages to relatives.

After receiving such messages, hundreds of people gathered at Jindo and showed the messages to South Korean authorities. Later on, they lost their patience and started hurling different objects at the officials. They mourned loudly and said that “you people are doing nothing to save life of our children”.

On the contrary, officials of Police Cyber Terror Response Center said that “we have verified all the messages and they are not genuine”. In press conference, the officials requested to people that “please stop sending fake messages to the grieved families otherwise they would be dealt as per the cyber law”.

Last but not the least, there is national grief across the country and all scheduled concerts and school field trips have been postponed.

Spiders prompt second Mazda recall

The Mazda company has brought into the notice of federal officials that it is recalling almost 42,000 Mazda6 sedans from Monday. The company has said that there is an issue of fire and we have intimated to all vehicle owners to send their vehicles back to the company. The spokesman of the company said that “we are recalling models from 2010 to 2012 and this issue has occurred second time in the last three years”.

Jeremy Barnes the spokesman of Mazda said that “there may be air blockage issue in the tank which results in cracks and possible fire”. He further said that we are not aware of any dues pertaining to this issue and we have not received any claim so far.

It goes without saying that Mazda had designed its cars with regard to preventing the spiders but sometimes they find their way to get into the tank. Barnes said that “Mazda has started installing springs in the cars but software is yet to be installed”.  He said that we made the decision of recalling after receiving 9 complains about tank cracks and we have assured our customers that their all grievances shall be addressed.

Last but not the least, he said in his press conference that customers are requested to bring their vehicles to the dealers after beginning of this month and we would try our best to resolve their issue at short notice.


Parents of rescued baby defend their choices

Lyra the one year old girl who was rescued from the deep waters has recovered herself from the fever. She was sailing through the water to travel the whole world. On Sunday, the parents of Lyra said in a statement that “we are highly thankful to rescuers for helping us in the crisis and we would like to tell critics that we departed for this journey about a year ago and that is how our family has lived”.

Lyra’s parents said that “after the passage of 2 weeks, Lyra was arrested with fever and rash problems and she was not responding to medications. They further said that when we reached at 900 miles off to Mexico, we lost communication and steering abilities of our boat. Later on, we thought to make a satellite call to U.S Coast Guards to help us and they did their best to save our lives.

Besides, Kaufmans said in a statement issued by USS Vandegrift that “Thanks to everyone for praying for us and Lyra is stable now and she continues to improve her health”. Upon hearing this news, most of the people on social media blatantly criticized the parents for bringing their infant daughters into deep waters.

LyraActually, they were blogging their sailing experience on the internet and it was a kind of adventure for them. The sister of Charlotte Kaufman said that “when the couple told me about the sailing, I thought they had gone nuts”. But, it was in my mind that they are very careful and would try their best to fight with any emerging challenge.

Last but the not least, English the sister of Charlotte said that “They are not new at sailing and they had been practicing it since years. Besides, I am really happy because Lyra is improving her health and everything is normal now.