Little Boy Demands Personal Injury Lawyer Themed Birthday

There are approximately 45,678 personal injury law businesses in the U.S., according to IBIS World research, with nearly 150,322 personal injury lawyers. But even with all those options to choose from, one little boy in New Orleans knows who his favorite legal representative is.

According to a recent story from the Wall Street Journal, L’erin Dobra threw her two-year-old son Grayson a birthday party with a very interesting theme.

“He’s always been very drawn to Morris Bart commercials,” Dobra described. “He used to watch ABC and color videos, and he used to love those. But now he wants to watch Morris Bart commercials.”

She’s talking about New Orleans personal injury lawyer Morris Bart, who’d recently become a source of great captivation for her son. His snappy “One Call, That’s All!” tagline could be heard in the house on a daily basis, if not on the TV, then on repeat on YouTube. The little boy was so obsessed that Dobra decided to throw him a Morris Bart-themed birthday.

Not only was there a cake with an edible frosting portrait of the local lawyer, but Grayson received a pint-sized Morris Bart t-shirt and a life-sized Morris Bart cardboard cutout. While Dobra contacted Bart’s office to see if he would make an appearance, he did not make it to the party. He did, however, send the family an autographed photo, along with some Morris Bart key chains and another logo shirt.

Bart expressed amusement and a little bewilderment at the strange request, and thinks it could mean trouble for his business down the road.

“This was an unusual request… I’m flattered by it,” said the attorney. “He might be a future lawyer… That could be a future competitor of mine many years down the road.”

Dobra added that while Grayson used to pay his loyalties to Mickey Mouse, he has clearly found a new favorite in Morris Bart. “He still likes Mickey,” she said, but “given a choice between the two, Morris Bart will always win.”

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