Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Former deputy CIA Director Mike Morell says plane likely flew south

The former Deputy Director of the CIA Mike Morell says that the missing jet had not flown to northern route but to the southern route. He said the some investigators have wrongly assumed the directions of the flight and miscalculated the flying path.

He further said that “a lot of defense radars of China, Afghanistan and India noticed this and it is for sure that someone took control of the plane after disabling the communication system and flew it for quite some time.

On the other hand, Wall Street Journal has said in its recent report that “Some US officials think that the plane might have been hijacked for future terrorist attacks and it might have been hidden from radar and many other satellites”.

On this report, the former CIA director said that “it is very unlikely that you hijack a plane and keep it for future attacks. Once the aircraft is hijacked, terrorists use it immediately”.

He further said that “we have received a very good cooperation on counter-terrorism from the Malaysian authorities and they are doing their best to get rid of this situation”.

Lastly, he was of the opinion that Al-Qaida group was operating in the Malaysia but the forces of that country ousted the group from Malaysia and I do not think there is any penetration of Al-Qaida terrorists.

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