Malaysia Airlines plane turns back after tire burst

A Malaysian Airlines plane boarded with 166 people returned back to Kuala Lumpur airport after bursting its front tire during the take off on Monday.

Officials of the Malaysian Airlines said that we found the debris of the burst tire 16 minutes after the plane had departed for the Bangalore.  They further said that we had immediately contacted the captain of Boeing 737-800 and ordered him to return back to the Kuala Lumpur airport.

A senior official said that we had deployed all rescue team at the airport but the jet landed safely. Furthermore, the airport authorities changed the scheduled of the Flight MH192 later on Monday.

It goes without saying that, last month, a flight of Malaysian Airlines -boarded with 239 passengers- disappeared during its route to Beijing. After the disappearance of that flight, the MAS is being considered as “the most dangerous and sensitive” airliner in the world.


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