Parents of rescued baby defend their choices

Lyra the one year old girl who was rescued from the deep waters has recovered herself from the fever. She was sailing through the water to travel the whole world. On Sunday, the parents of Lyra said in a statement that “we are highly thankful to rescuers for helping us in the crisis and we would like to tell critics that we departed for this journey about a year ago and that is how our family has lived”.

Lyra’s parents said that “after the passage of 2 weeks, Lyra was arrested with fever and rash problems and she was not responding to medications. They further said that when we reached at 900 miles off to Mexico, we lost communication and steering abilities of our boat. Later on, we thought to make a satellite call to U.S Coast Guards to help us and they did their best to save our lives.

Besides, Kaufmans said in a statement issued by USS Vandegrift that “Thanks to everyone for praying for us and Lyra is stable now and she continues to improve her health”. Upon hearing this news, most of the people on social media blatantly criticized the parents for bringing their infant daughters into deep waters.

LyraActually, they were blogging their sailing experience on the internet and it was a kind of adventure for them. The sister of Charlotte Kaufman said that “when the couple told me about the sailing, I thought they had gone nuts”. But, it was in my mind that they are very careful and would try their best to fight with any emerging challenge.

Last but the not least, English the sister of Charlotte said that “They are not new at sailing and they had been practicing it since years. Besides, I am really happy because Lyra is improving her health and everything is normal now.




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