PPG Color Palette of the Year Released This Weekend

Art paletteFans of home improvement projects may find themselves getting inspired now that the PPG Industries 2016 Color Palette of the Year has been released. A press release on BusinessWire.com detailed the expo announcing the colors of the year, which was held outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

The palette features colors from brands like Glidden, Olympic, and PPG. Glidden’s Cappuccino White was selected for the palette, along with Olympic’s color of the year, a muted shade of blue called Blue Cloud, and PPG’s Paradise Found, “a serious, aloe green” according to the PPG website.

Dee Schlotter, PPG Architectural Coatings senior color marketing manager for the U.S. and Canada, explained the choices.

“Each year, consumers and industry experts search for the one color that will dominate trends for the year ahead,” she said in a press release. “As we looked ahead, PPG color experts experienced several emerging themes for home décor in 2016, encouraging us to name a palette of the year, which represents our strong portfolio of leading paint brands.”

Homeowners who prefer painting projects (or hiring house painting companies) often work by selecting a palette of colors for a theme. Painting the exterior of the home, in fact, usually necessitates three colors: one for the body, one for the trim, and one for the doors to make them stand out.

Some of the palette was based around a consumer lust for adventure and a new journey. The theme of the 2016 Palette of the Year is, aptly, Odyssey, and portrays a beautiful array of colors that call to adventure and discovery.

“Evoking journeys and discoveries, but also the possibility of dangers, the colors of the Odyssey palette keep us alert and at the same time excited and vigilant,” Schlotter said. “It is a thrilling time to be alive, but it is definitely pushing most of us out of our comfort zone, as are the prominent trending colors for 2016.”

Schlotter summed up the company’s annual choices with an analysis of the importance of the gathering.

“The individual Colors of the Year across PPG’s portfolio of paint brands are truly an embodiment of Odyssey. Our society is on a journey of evolution. With our traditional beliefs and driving principles being challenged by science, technology and interconnectivity, our inner stability depends on recognizing this transformative journey and greeting both the world and the colors in it with eyes wide open to the constant reshaping of our reality.”

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