Prince George is going to make first public appearance

Since his birth, Baby Prince George will make his first public appearance along with his family while touring for Australia and New Zealand. Exactly, it would be the first public appearance of the infant son of world’s famous couple (William and Kate) and the tour would begin from 7TH April to 25 April.

Kensington Palace said in its press conference that “William and Kate did not want baby George to stay away from them for almost 30 days however they have decided to take him along with them to complete the tour”. The media reports claim that baby George is going to make his appearance on 7th April 2014 at Willington New Zealand and it is assumed that Will and Kate may also take him to attend an event scheduled to be held in Australia.

It is for the first time that both legal heirs of the Queen are going on tour and they had sought special permission from the Queen Elizabeth II. On the other hand, the Australian authorities said that “plenty of places will be named with the name Prince George”.

The couple will visit plenty of heritage sites, ceremonial events, military bases and other famous places of Willington. Lastly, they have also made plans to participate in different adventure activities.


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