U.S. requires new cars to have backup cameras

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced on Monday that all the automakers will be required to fix a camera at the back of the vehicle by 2018. The long awaited rule has finally been enforced. It is said that all new cars, minivans, small trucks, buses and SUVs will need to have rear visibility technology in the vehicles.

Previously, there was no rule that asked automakers to include these systems.  The agency said that there are 210 reported deaths every year due to none availability of cameras at the back of the vehicles and this move has been initiated to save the lives of people.

NHTSA further said that rear cameras will save about 59 and 69 deaths a year and it will be necessary for automakers to install these systems in all new vehicles from 2018. On the other hand, transportation secretary Anthony Foxx said that “It is our prime responsibility to ensure safety and we are committed to save lives of our children”. He added that as a father I feel how tragic the situation would be when a father unintentionally hits his child. Today’s rule will surely reduce the number of such incidents.

NHTSA said that we expect cost of this system as $140 per new vehicle and it is not too much expensive. Besides, those manufacturers which had already included the systems in their new vehicles have applauded the rule.

Last but not the least, the Auto Alliance said to NHTSA that it should allow automakers to replace the side mirrors with digital cameras as this is necessary for broader side vision.



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