Ukraine crisis starts to hit European firms

The economic meltdown fueled by Ukraine crisis is going to hurt big industries of the European continent. It is said that from small enterprises to big industries, the sale of the companies have been massively hit in the entire Europe. International Monetary Fund says that the ongoing conflict with Russia and Ukraine has forced the investors to flee from the market.

It is said that the economic sanctions on Russia embarked by EU and United States has created troublesome situation for the Russian authorities.  Experts opine that the demand and supply of the beers producing companies is slowly and steadily lessening down in the Russian market. They forecast that if Russia would not change its position on Ukraine issue, the economic condition of the country will be really gruesome.

Besides, CEO of Siemens Joe Kaeser said that “we are really concerned about the situation; it will massively affect people, economy and the industries”. Sources claim that Joe Kaeser had met with the President of Russia to discuss the matter but he seems to be hopeless on economic ground.

Last but not the least, there are many other industries which have cut the sale in the Russian market. Economists say that Russian market will face serious problems if Putin would not change his position on the Ukraine issue.

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