Wind-driven Okla. wildfire kills homeowner, destroys several houses

The wildfire that has set ablaze Oklahoma is creating very troublesome situation for the firefighters. It is said the fire has forced more than 1000 people to leave their home and the situation is turning out to be more gruesome. A private news agency correspondent Anna Werner claims that “there are plenty of firefighting departments that are trying their best to control the fire”.

On the other hand, officials of firefighting department said to the media reporters that “the fire has destroyed more than 20 homes and it has grossly affected the buildings and community parks”. Besides, Eric Harlow the Chief Guthrie Fire Department said in an interview to a private news agency that the fire has burnt six square miles of land and it has also affected many other places.

He further said that a person was not allowing the authorities to evacuate him however when the fire blaze passed by his home, he got burnt alive and died.  Besides, weather experts opined that “this fire has been fueled by strong winds and it is going to be very dangerous for Oklahoma”. They further said that the temperature in the region will be in 90s and the fire fighters must come up with new techniques to contain the fire.


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