America under Snow Attack

Quickly after the passage of January and February, March is going to be more dangerous for the people of United States. The situation is alarming and National Weather Service said that 90 million people might be affected from this snow fall. On the other hand, Washington and its surrounding areas have been carpeted with 8 to 12 inches of snow.

The gruesome weather condition can be gauged from the fact that has reportedly cancelled 1,800 flights and delayed 4,400 flights. Inevitably, the conditions at Dallas Fort Worth airport were more dangerous than other airports. It caused too many problems for the travelers and they were seemingly helpless.

It was just a just beginning. The storm combined with more snow is on its way. It has been predicted that the situation on Sunday would be more deadly. People have been advised to not opt for traveling or parking their vehicles in the streets.

Besides, Police has said that in Denver, a series of car accidents took place. The 911 confirmed that 1 person failed to succumb with his injuries and died.  And, the injured victims are fighting with their life. In addition, Carleton College of Minnesota said that three students have been died due to severe car accident.

The National Weather Service has predicted that the temperature of Kansas on Sunday will be the coldest ever recorded. And, it may cause serious troubles for the people who are out of their homes. Government and rescue agencies are trying their best to save the lives of the people and they have requested people not to come out of home unless the weather is not human friendly.

Last but not the least, the situation in South would be more threatening.  Damaging winds have started flowing in the south and they would cause a serious setback to the people living in the region.


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