Barack Obama on Ukraine Crisis

The world should support Ukraine as it is moving towards election in May and it is the path of escalation, says President of United States Barack Obama.

In his recent press conference, the President of United States said “we are going to punish Russia for its invasion and we have placed bans over visa process for Crimean region”. He clarified in his press briefing that all the Russian backed people operating in the region would not be able to get US visa for traveling and said that the referendum in the Crimea is against the Ukraine constitution and International Law.

Furthermore, he told to media that “United States is going to sanction a loan of 1$ billion to Ukraine for stabilizing its economy and the recent Russian invasion has united the entire world on this front”. Contrary to this, the lawmakers of Crimea region think to hold a referendum determining the future of the region.

On this move, the President said that “To hold a referendum, it is necessary to have legitimate government in the power and this is not good to take such a big decision during the crisis”. Besides, he has also issued an executive order against the groups and individuals responsible for destabilizing the region.

Apart from this, he said “if the violation of Ukraine territory continues, the results would be United States, Its allies and the world will remain firm”.  Last but not the least, he said that we would continue to help Ukraine for the sake of global security and said that the Ukraine crisis should be resolved through dialogue not through war.

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