Malaysia Airlines Lost contact with plane carrying 239 people for Beijing

Malaysian airport authorities have said that they had lost contact with flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The flight went missing in the vast Southeast waters and China has already sent a bunch of vessels to find the aircraft.

The airlines official said in a press conference that we tried to establish contact with the plane for several hours but we did not receive any communication signal. On the other hand, the news of missing flight forced the friends and relatives of passengers to gather at the airport and they were apparently crying for not receiving any official testimony from the airport authorities.

Later, the Chief Executive of Malaysian airlines hmad Jauhari Yahya held a press conference and said that “our teams are working to find the plane and we are also calling the next kin of the passengers”. He further said “we are equally hurt on the sudden disappearance of plane and we extend our prayers to the families of the affected passengers”.


 It is said that the plane was carrying passengers of 13 countries and there were 239 people on board. Among them, the biggest number of passengers come from China as they were on religious tour to Malaysia, says a Chinese news agency.

malaysia-crash-relative-twoTo find the wreckage of the missing plane, more than 40 countries have initiated the investigation process and so far not a single object of the plane has been recovered. Although, the navy of Vietnam said in its recent briefing that “our teams had sighted a floating object that was supposed to be a door of missing plane”.

Besides, speculations of terrorist activities or attempt of hijacking of plane are also being made. The authorities claim that 2 people had used stone passports to get into board and they were also traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

kuala-lumpur-plane-map-revisedLast but not the least, the transport Minister of Malaysia said in his latest press conference that “we have got the footage of those 2 persons who used the stolen passports and we are trying our best to identify them”.

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