Measles outbreak in Orange County, California worst in decades

The health officials of California said that the outbreak of measles in orange county is the worst than they ever saw in the last two decades.

CBS Los Angeles reported that 21 residents of county have been diagnosed with measles and 7 of them were hospitalized due to serious health condition.  Eric Handle Health Deputy Agency Director of O.C said that “this disease is very contagious and we are trying our best to prevent it to fullest extent”.

On the other hand, health experts hold the opinion that “measles is epidemic diseases and its infections begin with cough, cold, fever, runny nose and pink eyes”.  They say that if proper initiative would not be taken to prevent the disease, it would affect the whole region within very short time.

To prevent the spread of this disease, health experts have installed remote clinics for proper MMR vaccination and asked everyone to get them vaccinated for stopping the spread of measles.

Apart from this, the outbreak of measles have also been reported in New York and San Francisco which also very alarming for the health officials.

Last but not the least, the root cause of this outbreak has not been determined but most of the doctors say that those people who come from different countries – where measles patients are not vaccinated and is common – might have brought this disease along with themselves.



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