NCAA March Madness: Arizona fans clash with police after tournament loss

On Saturday, officials of Tucson police said that they had fired pepper spray at hundreds of Arizona team fans who besieged the streets and threw firecrackers and beers at them after the defeat of Arizona from Wisconsin.

Tucson police Sgt. Pete Dugan said that though, there were no reports of injuries yet police arrested more than 15 people for creating the mess.  He said that police had arrested those people who were threatening the officers during the duty hours and 14 of 15 arrested people have been released. Besides, one of them was shifted to Pima county Jail under the charges of unlawful assembly and disorderly conduct.

Dugan said that when we arrived at the scene, all the people gathered in the streets started pelting beer cans and stones on us. Despite this, we did not use tear gas and controlled the situation efficiently.

In addition, David Kitaeff the witness of this incident said to a private news agency that “I myself saw the people throwing the beer cans at the officers and they were responding with pepper balls, pepper canisters and pepper spray.”

Arizona lost 64-63 to Wisconsin in the West Region final Saturday in Anaheim, Calif and this incident was the reaction of Arizona fans.


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