Obama administration quietly issues fix for troubled health care websites

States owned websites of Obama health care have been consistently facing the technical problems. To address those problems, Obama administration has quietly issued a law to help the affected states. Most of the states problems have been fixed and Massachusetts, Oregon, Maryland and Hawaii are still facing the technical problems.

It goes without saying, the policy fix is meant for all states and the Republican states had defaulted to federal control online sign up in their own states. It is said that the democratic led states have been benefited from the move and a big number of them faces sheer criticism at their home.

Besides, Kitzhaber announced the change when the federal Health and Human Services Department updated this change on its official web portal. He said in his statement that “I appreciate the federal government for its move for helping more Oregonians to get the financial assistance”.

On the other hand, HHS said that those people who were unable to sign up due to technical problems may still claim the federal tax credits.Obama administration has been consistently stressing over the online sign up for getting the taxpayer-subsidized insurance and the recent policy change is also significant to some extent. Yes, tax credits have grossly helped the administration to reduce the cost of policy and in this year all citizens of United States are required to get the coverage virtually. It must be noted that the applicants who intend to apply for this amnesty, must meet with the eligibility criteria.

Besides Obama administration has said in the recent statement that “We understand that some states have faced serious technical problems in enrollment process and automatic eligibility determinant”.


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