Ellen DeGeneres Returns to host the Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres has been selected along with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Neil Patrick Harris, and Hugh Jackman for hosting the Oscar award. She has not been chosen for the first to host the program. No doubt, she is cunning, candid, comedian, and soul of wit.

In November 2001, after few months of 9/11 attacks she jokingly said that “What would provoke the Taliban more than watching a suited gay surrounded with community of Jews”. This joke brought a tremendous popularity in her professional career and she happened to be considered as funny TV host.

She has remained a regular host for Emmy awards and happened to host Academy Awards in 2007. Apart from this, she looks quite good when she hosts a TV show. It is said that she loves dancing and she has taught Gangnam Style dance to Britney Spears in her TV show.

No doubt, she is also famous for interviewing people. She is diligent and professional media personality. Her open mindedness combined with funny gossips earned her a big fandom. And, this is the reason that she spends most of her online time on twitter. Exactly, she is a tweeting machine and shares thought provoking messages through her tweets. It is assumed that her one tweet is read by 25.1 million people and she has viewership of 40.3 million people.


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